And the real planning begins!

Poor Chane…this hitch has been a hard one for him. He started it off by having his luggage “lost,” aka stolen. Clothes, DVDs and more were in there. Needless to say, that didn’t start off his time in Africa well. Now, were afraid he might be stuck in Africa waiting for his visa to come in longer than we expected; He’s pushing to be in Austin on Fri. Dec. 18, but it’s Wednesday and he has yet to hear from the visa office. Who knows? But, as soon as he gets in we’ll start more planning!

Our goals?

1. Decide on a venue (or narrow it down)

2. Have our engagement photos taken

3. Plan an engagement party

4. Send our engagement announcements (this is optional)

5. Ask those that we decided to be in our bridal party

6. Delegate a budget/estimate cost ideas

Let’s see how much gets done!


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