New top venues and site visits

So, we finally started to get serious about the wedding planning again! Well, let’s just say I finally started to get serious about it, again. Now don’t get me wrong, I am totally excited and ready to get going on all of this, but I feel like I get a little set back when Chane leaves. So, I decided that I really can’t let that effect me anymore, since we have right at a year left!

Now, although Chane and I previously “narrowed” our venues down, we did more research and budgeting and found a few others that we liked a little more. So now, within the next few weeks, I am visiting our new ‘top venues.’ We WILL pick one by the end of the month! Get excited!!!

I am taking Chane’s flip so I will get the chance to record my visits, and share them with you!

So, here’s to traveling the Austin area and picking a venue!

Check out our Calendar of Events and Vendor pages for the most recent updates.


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  1. o0o Let me know if you want some company when you go visit the sites in (and around) S. Austin! 🙂

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