First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…puppy?

Chane and I have made our next “big step” together; his name is Oliver — “Ollie” for short.

Ollie on the way home from the Shelter

Amongst the wedding planning, we have been continuously visiting the hundreds of pups at the Town Lake Animal Center. We decided that we wanted a dog. Of course we didn’t completley agree on the size, type, etc., but we finally narrowed it down. Today, after two-a-day visits to the Shelter all week, and a phone call to Chane for his approval, we adopted Oliver!

Checking out his new surroundings

He’s a small Chihuahua/Terrier mix breed, about 1 year, vaccinated, neutered and completely healthy! We’re SO excited. He will be the one (other than my roomie) to keep me company while Chane is out in Africa.

Our new little family (including the roomie)


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