Wedding Venue: selected

It’s official; Chane and I have finally narrowed down the wedding venues and chosen one!

The Memory Lane Event Center in Dripping Springs (not Driftwood).

This one was a recent addition to our top list, but after the open house this past weekend, we soon knew that this would be the perfect place.

A few reasons why this is the place we will start the rest of our lives together…and why you should be excited about it:

1. We will be renting out the entire facility (pool, jacuzzi, lodging cabins, yoga room, kitchen, etc.) for the entire weekend. This way our families and friends will have over three days to visit and get to know each other. There will be no worries about people being late the day of the event, drinking and driving, etc.

2. The rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, AND lodging (for some) will all be at the same place. The lodging will mainly be for our bridal party, but there’s tons of room for more possibilities. This was ideal for me especially as it will be one big all-girl slumber party!

3. We are able to bring our own vendors (alcohol and food), which means better food and tons MORE drinks at a better price for us…FREE to all of you!

So get excited…because we are,



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3 responses to “Wedding Venue: selected

  1. Amy H.

    This site is gorgeous guys!! Congrats again! You guys are so cute and in love! Your excitement is infectious. 🙂 thanks for the updates. Keep em coming! ❤ to you both!

  2. Pattie Cooper

    Absolutely beautiful….I cannot wait!!!!

    Love you guys,


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