While I wait for engagement pictures…

I forgot to mention a few weeks back Chane and I had our engagement pictures taken by one my very good friends, and one of the most amazing photographers I know, Jose Velazquez (from Velazquez Photography). We had SO much fun doing a two-day photo shoot with Jose at Hotel St. Cecilia & So Co, and couldn’t believe how even the raw pictures that we saw on Jose’s camera throughout the day looked AMAZING. We were and are SO excited to see and share our engagement pictures with you when they are ready!

A while back I started to put together some of the pictures that Chane and I have taken throughout our relationship including the ones from Chane’s very sweet and unexpected proposal. While I’ve been waiting for my engagement pictures, I decided to put them all together as a surprise for Chane. The end result: “Our Love – in pictures.”

So, enjoy this until our engagement pictures are ready! đŸ™‚


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