In 60 Years…

Before our second session with Bruce, our officiant, we were asked to think about the conversation that Chane and I would have when looking back on our past 60 years together. We were to talk about it together and come up with what we would want Chane and myself to say in that conversation.

After a silly comment from Chane hoping he would be alive in 60 years, we sat down, put our thoughts and ideas together, and came up with this….

After thinking about the assignment and the things that we want the couple we hope to be to say, I realized that some of the things we came up with were what Bruce describes as our “Essence.” These are the things that we want to build our future on and that we hope to achieve as a couple. They are the things that we have to pay special attention to and really put forth the effort to make sure that we, as a couple, put these things first…and if we do…we will be happy and successful as the couple we want to be.

…and I think we’ve got a really good Essence together, too.


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