As Luck Would Have it….

It was Christmas Eve night 2008 in Freeport and the both of us were in town for the holidays. Chane was in from Africa on a work hitch and I was home for the UT winter break. Although Chane was scheduled to leave for Africa earlier that day, he was bumped from his flight and wouldn’t be able to fly out for another week. School didn’t start for another two weeks for me, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to hang out with old friends and go out in Brazoria County. Little did I know, Chane had the very same idea: Rick’s then Kick’s.

We didn’t end up officially meeting until later that night, where Chane says I walked into the room in a bright red shirt and he thought, “Wow. She is gorgeous. I HAVE to dance with her.” I, on the other hand, had not quite noticed him yet.

Chane approached me later as I made my way across the room and asked me to dance. I don’t usually dance on the first attempt from someone I don’t know, but I willingly accepted and we danced…a two-step…Chane in his black converse, and I in my red stiletto high heels. Afterwards, he asked for my number and I once again declined as I stated, “I don’t give my phone number out on the first meeting.

The next day, Chane looked me up on Facebook and asked to take me out. We soon exchanged numbers and Christmas night we had our first date at the movie theater, watching Will Smith’s “7 pounds.” I balled my eyes out and Chane still thought I was gorgeous.

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