The Rest is History

Chane: Chane grew up in Surfside, Tx., moved around to Clear Lake and then settled in Freeport by the time he reached high school. He attended Texas A&M University, but later transferred to the University of Texas San Antonio where he graduated with a business degree. He managed a local bar in Lake Jackson where he met my sister, Valerie, for the first time, (actually, he hired her to work there.) He landed his current employment at the chemical company, Nalco, over three years ago where he started in the states. He was then promoted to his bi-monthy hitches in Africa where he again was recently promoted to Project Manager. He is currently still traveling back and forth monthly.

Anna: I grew up in Freeport, attend the same high school as Chane (at a different time), and ran off to Austin as soon as I graduated. I joined a sorority, worked and then graduated from The University of Texas with a public relations degree. I landed my current job right out of school at Restaurant Freedom, a restaurant management company, as the Social Marketing Manager. I’m currently still living in Austin, volunteering for a non-profit and planning a wedding!

And needless to say, it must be said that out of all of the things that Chane and I CAN agree on…there will always be one that we don’t: our alma maters.

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