The Rest of Our Lives

Chane proposed on September 25, 2009; my birthday.

Throughout our relationship, Chane and I have always surprised each other; with how fast we grew to care for each other, to surprise visits when one of us was supposed to be out of town, and small gifts or thoughtful notes that showed we were thinking about one another to entire surprise birthday parties.

On the day of my birthday, Valerie told me that she would not be able to make it to Austin for my downtown celebration. I was disappointed, but Chane and I planned a dinner and I had my close friends who would be accompanying me downtown. Two hours before our reservations and while I got ready at my house by myself, Chane AND my sister went to pick out the ring that would later, unbeknownst to me, be on my left ring finger. Chane decided it was “the night” then.

Surprise #1: As I was in the shower, Chane and Valerie snuck in the house, and hid her in my room. I walk into my bedroom to find my sister sitting on my bed waiting for me. Needless to say I balled my eyes out, yet again.

Surprise #2: My sister joined Chane and I for dinner that night at The Roaring Fork in North Austin. As the waitress escorted us to the back of the restaurant, I looked up to find an entire table filled with about 15 of my close friends and family. All waiting patiently, all smiling, all for me! Yes…I started to cry again.

Surprise #3: As dinner ended, a waiter began to serve dessert plates and told me to “leave room for desert.” It was on the house! As the waiter began to walk over to the table with my cake, everyone began singing “Happy Birthday.” Well, and you can guess what happened next…..

“You are my best friend, the love of my life and my soulmate. Will you marry?” – Chane Cooper

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