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In 60 Years…

Before our second session with Bruce, our officiant, we were asked to think about the conversation that Chane and I would have when looking back on our past 60 years together. We were to talk about it together and come up with what we would want Chane and myself to say in that conversation.

After a silly comment from Chane hoping he would be alive in 60 years, we sat down, put our thoughts and ideas together, and came up with this….

After thinking about the assignment and the things that we want the couple we hope to be to say, I realized that some of the things we came up with were what Bruce describes as our “Essence.” These are the things that we want to build our future on and that we hope to achieve as a couple. They are the things that we have to pay special attention to and really put forth the effort to make sure that we, as a couple, put these things first…and if we do…we will be happy and successful as the couple we want to be.

…and I think we’ve got a really good Essence together, too.


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Almost Mrs. Cooper…

Look what came in the mail today?!

Compliments of Kara's Kloset on


I can’t wait to use it and know that it is my new name!

P.S. Nathan & Amy (our photogs) will have a super-awesome photo worthy shot with this & my dress…which I go to try on again tomorrow!!

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Flowery & Sweet…Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

We’re wanting to do things a bit different when it comes to the small details of the wedding…

So, for the flower girls we are going to have them carry rustic tin pails down the aisle. Decorated, of course and filled with tons of petals. I’m still not sure if Roses will be the choice.

For the ring bearer we thought it would be an awesome added touch to have him carry a gift from the Bride and Groom — a new stuffed animal. A Rabbit to be exact with a ribbon and rings tied around it’s neck.












Jelly Cat makes the BEST, softest stuffed animals I could ever imagine.

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The DRESS!!!!

I feel like we’ve been just about EVERYWHERE when it comes to looking for the perfect dress! I’ve had a girls weekend, appointments made and last minute trips across town just to find the perfect one…and I have finally found it!!!

We found “The One” at Alexia Gavela Bridal where Geri was the BEST help measuring me, showing me the tuck I would prefer to do at the reception and determining which vail would look best.

Of course I can not show you the dress…but I CAN show you some of the fun times we had while searching…

You’ll just have to wait to see the perfect dress!

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While I wait for engagement pictures…

I forgot to mention a few weeks back Chane and I had our engagement pictures taken by one my very good friends, and one of the most amazing photographers I know, Jose Velazquez (from Velazquez Photography). We had SO much fun doing a two-day photo shoot with Jose at Hotel St. Cecilia & So Co, and couldn’t believe how even the raw pictures that we saw on Jose’s camera throughout the day looked AMAZING. We were and are SO excited to see and share our engagement pictures with you when they are ready!

A while back I started to put together some of the pictures that Chane and I have taken throughout our relationship including the ones from Chane’s very sweet and unexpected proposal. While I’ve been waiting for my engagement pictures, I decided to put them all together as a surprise for Chane. The end result: “Our Love – in pictures.”

So, enjoy this until our engagement pictures are ready! 🙂

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Road Trip – New Orleans Jazz Festival

Over the weekend Chane and I made the 6-hour drive to New Orleans, Louisiana. Chane had a work meeting at the Nalco office in Guyville, and I got him New Orleans Jazz Festival tickets to see Pearl Jam.

After watching Pearl Jam!

We did a little exploring around Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We both got to represent our former Alma Maters on LSU’s campus, visit Mike the Tiger (LSU’s mascot), and even see an old Rickochet’s that Chane used to manage after college. We had a REALLY nice dinner, and then a few not-so-nice, but VERY yummy Louisiana Cajun-style meals too…including CRAWFISH, of course!

Chane on Bourbon Street.

Eating Crawfish at Steamboat Bill's!

Check out more of the pictures from our trip on my Facebook!

A special thanks to Karen & Rene for taking Ollie for the weekend, while we were out! We owe you BIG!!!

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…puppy?

Chane and I have made our next “big step” together; his name is Oliver — “Ollie” for short.

Ollie on the way home from the Shelter

Amongst the wedding planning, we have been continuously visiting the hundreds of pups at the Town Lake Animal Center. We decided that we wanted a dog. Of course we didn’t completley agree on the size, type, etc., but we finally narrowed it down. Today, after two-a-day visits to the Shelter all week, and a phone call to Chane for his approval, we adopted Oliver!

Checking out his new surroundings

He’s a small Chihuahua/Terrier mix breed, about 1 year, vaccinated, neutered and completely healthy! We’re SO excited. He will be the one (other than my roomie) to keep me company while Chane is out in Africa.

Our new little family (including the roomie)

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