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The best man…err, Dog.

He just might show us all up…


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We all scream for ICE CREAM!

Ever had Ice Cream Sandwiches at a wedding before? Ever had a Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich…served out of a mini-Ice Cream-truck at a wedding?!

Get ready because Coolhaus will be at our wedding!! Basically, you pick your cookie flavor (5 choices), then you pick your Ice Cream fill-in flavor (7 choices) and wa-la: You have a Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich!

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Do you remember going to the mall and trying to cram a few friends into those old-school photo booths just to get a slide of 4 different pictures with some really silly poses? You had to do the “regular” pose, the “sad” pose, the “CRAZY’ pose and if you were with a gf/bf — the “kissing” pose. Well, relive those days at our wedding!

We are SO happy to say that we will have a photo booth, yes the old-school kind of photo booth, at the David/Cooper wedding! Provided by Say Cheese for Fun, we’ll have a booth that prints out TWO SETS of color, digital, 4-pose strips of pictures. One set for you, and one set for us! Plus…there’s props you can use to be silly! Unlimited, all night long, silly photos!

So, get ready to have fun and get ready to SAY CHEESE!!!

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Happy Holidays from the Soon-to-be Cooper Family!

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We can’t wait for all that 2011 will bring for us and for all of you. We love you!


Our little Christmas

Santa "Ollie" Claus

We're a House Divided!

New Years Fireworks in Austin!

Welcoming 2011 with the David family.

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It’s “THE” List

Our Bridal Party is complete!


Best Man: Ross Herbst

Maid of Honor: Valerie David (sister)










Bridesmaids: Sarah David (Sister), Angela Timbeross, Casey Warnick, Erica Carter, Manish Patel

Groomsmen: Alan Gomez, Rene Gomez, JB Hudson, Tanner Schmidt, Cody Beasley

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We’re South Austin Peps now!

Chane and I have made the next big step in our amazing life and moved in with one another!

We have chosen a two-bedroom apartment in South Austin. Ollie¬†absolutely¬†adores it, (it has a private dog park), and the 24-hour work-out room and pool aren’t too bad for us, either.

Our back porch looks out onto the greenbelt, so we’re apt to see deers and rabbits…which Ollie also loves to chase away. AND we’re on the first floor; Can’t get much better than that!

Decorations are going up and we are making ourselves at home. We are very much excited to get settled in and see if we are able to deal with one-another every single day! ; )


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Update: Venue & Colors

It’s been a while, but I’ve got exciting news!

Chane and I have finally narrowed our venues down. We’re visiting our last two on Sunday and plan to make, and announce, a decision by Monday!

We also have narrowed our colors down. It’ll be one of the following two:

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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